How we help our clients varies hugely. After all everybody’s needs are different and however hard business tries to standardise, automate and normalise, we know that “One Size definitely doesn’t suit all”.

At MGA we pride ourselves in providing sound business and tax advice for all types of individuals and companies across the region and the UK. We like to keep things simple, so we generally break up our services into two areas, Business Development and Compliance Services – take a look.

Business Development

Businesses need new and creative ideas and systems supported with sound knowledge and experience.
At MGA we have over 50 years of collective business experience from having actually run our own businesses
outside accounting and finance, so we are well aware of the challenges.

From the smallest to the largest businesses, MGA can help you make the right moves.


Looking after you and your business means understanding your unique situation. We offer business development advice in a number of forms:

Board Report Pack
we report on your KPIs, highlighting the areas which need additional attention and analysing areas for improvement

One Page Plan
which sets out your objectives and graphically measures your key results on a monthly basis

Business Development Pack
MGA’s unique 3 stage process taking you through the entire business development process

Or any combination of the above

We can also be your extra director with years of business experience, your eyes and ears, checking on due diligence and your ideas, acting as a sounding board and filter.


Do you want to grow your business but are to busy working in your business to figure out what changes need to be made?

Then MGA are the firm for you, we offer more than just an accounting service.

We have:
Hands on commercial experience having run our own businesses outside finance and accountancy

We use the latest management tools and systems to help you get what you want from your business

On your ‘side of the fence’ - because we have been there!

Virtual Finance Director - We meet our clients each month or quarter and hold a mini Board Meeting to review business performance and plan the way forward


Linking your financial and tax situation to help you make the best decisions and get the best outcomes for you - we have some simple tools to get things going easily and clearly:

Cash Flow Forecasting – A ‘real time’ software solution to accurately track your cash balances into the future
23 ways – To improve your profits. Are you aware of them?
31 tools - To improve the cash flow of any business. Are you getting them?
Quarterly business management - Meetings to see how you have done and improve in the future
Your 24 hour action plan – Getting you where you want to go and creating the time to get there
23 things – To expect from your accountant in a recession. Are you getting them?

Accounting services

Nearly everybody has to do some sort of annual return as most of us are tax payers! As not everybody’s needs are the same it is impossible to list everything we can help you with, but here are a few of the more typical requests:

  • Letting Statements
  • Income & Expenditure Accounts
  • Profit & Loss Accounts
  • Balance Sheets
  • Tax Returns– from the simplest with small incomes or pensions to the most complex with multi-million pound incomes
  • Tax Computations – showing the tax calculation in an easily understandable format

Accounting functions aren’t restricted to the ‘end of the year’ actions. As we know good accountancy needs good accounting practice – all year round. We help at this stage too, making sure that things are right at the start so they remain right at the end

We offer our clients a very hands-on personalised service.

  • We want to really understand our clients’ business.
  • We are able to offer our clients in depth help and advice.
  • We understand the challenges our clients are facing.
  • We offer our clients the resources of a national practice, without the associated costs – to the benefit of our clients
  • Phone calls and meetings for ad hoc advice are free.
  • If we need to do research or specific work on a project, we will agree with the client the work to be done and the fee, before we start any work.
  • We don’t believe in surprise bills