Business Development Coaching…what very few firms offer

We are different from other accountancy firms. We have:

  • Over 50 years experience running our own businesses outside finance and accountancy
  • The latest management tools and systems to help you get what you want from your business
  • And we are on your ‘side of the fence’ – we’ve been there!


We offer:
  • Virtual Finance Director – We meet our clients each month or quarter and hold a mini Board Meeting to review business performance and plan the way forward
  • Anti Recession planning – Research shows 82% of business owners want more support from their accountant to help beat the recession
  • Business Consultancy – We work closely with companies engaged in large-scale manufacturing, design, logistics, and leisure to help them make more money
  • 23 things – To expect from your accountant in a recession. Are you getting them?
  • 23 ways – To improve your profits. Are you aware of them?
  • Cash flow improvement – 31 tools to improve the cashflow of any business. Are you getting them?
  • Boardview – Quarterly board meetings to see how you have done and improve in the future
  • One Page Plans – Your Business Plan on just one page to set out your life and business goals and achieve them
  • Business Process Coaching – Identify your Keys Business Drivers measure and monitor them. Funded by Business Link
  • Your 24 hour action plan – Getting you where you want to go and creating the time to get there
  • And much much more!


Need more information? Give us a call on 01803 297591.