Top 3 Accounting Applications we love and why you should to

When it comes to doing your own accounting there is a whole host of software applications for you to choose from. Some of them are now well known household, or should that be business names that we all know of so well. Names such as QuickBooks, Sage, Kashflow, Easy Agent, Xero and so on. With… View Article

How does the rise in interest rates affect you and your business?

Recently the Bank of England has made the announcement that there will be a rise in interest rates.  This rise has come for the first time in over 10 years. The reason for the recent rise has been down to the increase in inflation which has been, slowly but surely, squeezing household budgets.  However the… View Article

9 ways you can reduce your inheritance tax bill

There is no lighter way to word it, even in death we’re still being taxed. One of the largest methods that the government uses to effectively sting the family of the deceased is through Inheritance Tax, most commonly referred to as IHT. Inheritance Tax effectively is what the government takes from your estate that you… View Article

Should I open a savings account for my business?

So last week we took a look at how you can keep within your house hold income. This week I’d like you think about your business and that next capital purchase that you would like to make. It could be an A1 printer, an iMac or a larger premises as you’re still squeezing into your… View Article

6 tips for keeping within your household budget

When it comes to running a household it can be very stressful, pets, kids, food and lets not forget the other half who is always looking over your shoulder as you scan the sale rail, or is that just me? Whether we like it or not, the cost of our everyday essentials is going up…. View Article

Nikita Preston.

Hello All. I just want to share a quick story about how one of our colleagues is passing every test she takes. She has taken an exam 5 weeks ago and had her results back yesterday. She passed with flying colours. The test was on Cash and Treasury Management and Credit Management. These tests are… View Article

Online filing errors at HMRC.

Hi All, Worth a read to anyone completing self assessments online. Please feel free to call or email into our offices if you feel you have been a victim of this. I have also copied the text below. I am aware that the link will ask you to register to read the full article.  … View Article

Top tips for starting a new business.

Hello World, This is our quick and easy guide for people looking to become self employed after leaving college or venture out of employment and start up their own business for the first time. Any self employed person reading this will tell you that it is a minefield out there and there are many traps that you could end up falling into… View Article

Hello World

Changing times, In this world of technology we all see a change in the way we socialise, communicate and even do business. I will bring you the most up to date news in the accountancy world but also the technological world too. Accountancy is a changing model due to technology greatly improving. We want to… View Article